With Routerhino your children can safely navigate the Internet.

A single device that filters all content unsuitable for your children, allowing them to navigate without risk.

Internet suitable for children

What are your children watching while they surf the web alone? Unfortunately, informations, games and fun videos are not the only things to be found on the web.

Whether by chance or out of curiosity, it is possible for little ones to accidentally stumble across images and other inappropriate content we would rather them not see. There is also the potential for them to come in contact with strangers. When you are at home, but unable to be by their side, Routerhino serves to control the content accessed by your children. Comparable to a wise and invisible guardian watching over your loved one’s, Routerhino blocks access to adult sites, social networks and chat applications. It also filters search engine results with Google or Bing, and videos on YouTube, ensuring their safety.

One protective blanket for all of your devices

A single unit serves to protect all of the devices in your home, ensuring the safety of your children no matter which device is being used – computer, tablet or smartphone. Whereas traditional software for parental control requires a separate installment on each device being used, Routerhino eliminates this redundancy at the source; creating a secure Wi-Fi network where hazardous and inappropriate content is blocked.

Without slowing down your internet speed, this new Wi-Fi signal not only safely and securely protects everyone in your home, it also serves to limit exposure to viruses and malware.

Security made simple

Routerhino arrives pre configured and programmed: meaning there is no need to call an IT technician. Simply plug it into your router and turn it on for instant protection. In addition, you have the power to modify security settings and filters via personalized login credentials that are childproof; all with the click of a mouse.

Your children may be curious, but Routerhino is even more so; automatically updating to maintain the highest levels of protection from both current and future online threats.

Safe & secure internet in 3 simple steps

No technical skills required. Routerhino is ready for use straight out of the box. Simply turn it on and connect it to your router. Say goodbye to messy and complicated configurations.

  • 1 Connect to your home router

  • 2 Sign onto Routerhino’s Wi-Fi network

  • 3 Complete the one-time only activation

Efficient & Innovative Technology

The Internet can be compared to a large city and you would never allow your child to wander the streets of such a city unsupervised. With Routerhino you have the ability to protect them even when you cannot be with them. You will no longer have to worry about their safety when surfing the Worldwide Web thanks to the real and concrete benefits offered by this device.

  • Automatic and constant updates
  • Centralized management of filter severity
  • Customizable filters
  • Filters for all material found on the web; including images, videos and search engine results
  • No decrease in internet speed
  • Night mode

A startup with passion for safety

Meet Marco and Stefano. After years of experienced and dedicated work in the fields of computer science and business, they realized that while there were numerous options available for large companies with regard to cyber protection, there really were no adequate products on the market for use in the home.

With the intent of protecting their children and families from the dangers of the web, they desired to create a tool with performance levels comparable to those utilized by large corporate companies, yet with a price and simplicity of use suitable for the average family.

After much thought and deliberation they decided to form a new company: CFBOX, an innovative technology startup with the sole purpose of providing safe and secure internet out of the box at an affordable price. Thus, Routerhino was born.

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At the moment Routerhino is available only for Italian market.

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